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How to take care 
                  of diamonds

Diamonds are one of the strongest minerals known to man however it is very easy to damage a diamond if not treated correctly and cleaned regularly.



How to keep Diamonds clean

Don’t touch your jewelry constantly, the oils from your skin and fingers can alter the way the diamond looks and take away from its shine.

Don’t wear your diamonds when doing hard work. Though it will not break, a hard enough blow can chip or crack a diamond.

Don’t let your ring or diamond come in contact with bleach of any kind as it can change the mounting colors and erode the metal in the mounting, making it more likely that the diamond will fall out.

Clean your diamond regularly. It is recommended to clean your diamond two to three times a month. In order to clean your diamond (or ring) and to keep it looking bright and shiny, you should soak it overnight in an ammonia based cleaner; in the morning remove the diamond and brush it carefully with a soft clean toothbrush or makeup brush to remove the extra dirt. Please be careful not to damage the setting while cleaning. Once that is done, just wipe it down with a soft cloth and your diamonds are good as new.

If your Diamond or gemstone is especially dirty you can take it to your local jeweler for an ultrasonic cleaning; ultrasonic cleaners cause vibrating fluid to remove accumulated dirt and grime. While this is a great method of cleaning, please be aware that this can cause the diamond to become loosened from the mounting.


How to store your Diamonds

When you put your diamonds or any jewelry away, it is best to keep them in a fabric lined box with separate compartments for each piece.

If you don’t have a fabric lined box, each piece should be wrapped individually.

Keep every individual item of diamond jewelry separate as a diamond can scratch other diamonds as well as other items of jewelry.