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About Marchello and Co

Marchello and Co is a trusted name in the jewelry business for more than 10 years. Our mission is to emphasize the natural beauty of every woman and give a feeling of love and care. We believe the jewelry you wear should speak to you and say something about you.

Jewelry is considered the most pleasant and luxurious gift for family or friends, as well as a wonderful way to express your feelings. Gold is still in vogue, be it clothing details, decorative elements or jewelry. In our jewelry collections you can find completely different styles - from classic gold and silver jewelry to modern and unique pieces. Our jewelry will not leave you feeling indifferent.

The cost of a piece of jewelry depends on many factors. But we try to make the price range so wide that each customer can choose the right jewelry. Our jewelers want to surprise you with the beauty of jewelry and make them a source of joy and admiration.