Watch Sizing Guide

Watches are available in a large variety of sizes. People are sometimes overwhelmed and unsure of which size to buy. Especially online, where you can’t try on the watch before purchasing and you cannot see it in person. Unless there is a ruler in the picture of the watch, it’s hard to know how big it will actually look on your wrist. Watches like all pieces of jewelry come in many different types and sizes, and many people ask “What size watch should I buy?” To make this process easier especially when buying a watch online, where you don’t have the luxury to try on a watch, we have created a simple watch size chart guide.

watch sizing guide find your personal watch

Watch sizing guide - How to choose watch

Quick measure while choosing a watches.

For a quick frame of reference to millimeters, a US quarter coin is 24.26 MM in diameter.


Additionally, if you are buying a watch for yourself, it is advisable to draw out the size of a watch on a piece of paper to quickly size it to your wrist. To do this with an inch ruler, you will need to multiply the millimeters of the watch diameter by .03937 to find the size in inches (For example 40mm X .03937 = 1.57 inches).



Ranges of sizes for watches dials

Men’s Women’s Kid’s


Medium sizes of watches for “safe” purchase

If you are looking to purchase a watch as a gift and are completely
unsure about what size to get, you can go with general “safe” sizes.   

medium dial sizes for watches

42 — 45 mm 35 — 38 mm 21 — 28 mm
1.65 — 1.77 inches 1.38 — 1.50 inches 0.83 — 1.1 inches

Men's medium watches

Women's medium watches

Kid's medium watches


Big sizes of watches

Big dials watches guide

46 — 50 mm 39 — 44 mm 29 — 38 mm
1.81 — 1.97 inches 1.54 — 1.73 inches 1.14 — 1.50 inches

Men's big watches

Women's big watches

Kid's big watches


Small sizes of watches

small dial sizes for watches

34 — 41 mm 22 — 34 mm
1.34 — 1.61 inches 0.87 — 1.34 inches

Men's small watches

Women's small watches


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